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Just some of the Logo and Brand Designs I have created.

All designs on this page are (C) Powellstudios.co.uk  All rights reserved.

Cheap, 24hr Design = Bad Design.

I personally don't operate under daft sales pitches like... 'by one get one free', 'for a limited time offer', 'cheapest around', '24 hour service' or any other dishonest, deceptive and insulting banter aimed at fooling a potential client into parting with his or her hard earned cash.


 I offer you my services for the best price i can afford to operate. Nothing more or less.

It is honest design, not plagiarised content from the web or old discarded/rejected previous designs either in part or in whole that so many 'cheap design' companies use. Everything I design is from scratch.**


Also, any original and honest design takes time. So I will not be offering 3 hour turn around on Logo design or 24hrs for a full website.

I fully expect you would require some professional input into your project, and that is what I aim to give.

You can only design something in a few hours if you have not actually done any of the designing at all, so where would it all come from?

Food for thought, and if you want to read on some of the perils and pitfalls of design and learn a little about how to avoid costly copyright infringement then click this link for a little more info.....'What to watch out for when recruiting a designer.'


It is possible to get cost effective, professional design. You are already in the right place :)


Each type of project, be it web design, book cover illustration or a flashy web or film intro scene  will have its own timescale and process requirements. All of which I will discussed in full with you and is designed to take us both efficiently through your project needs.


 I have an accommodating flexibility regarding revisions on jobs. I have a strong desire to make sure all my customers go away with exactly what they wanted, but i wont offer you the ridiculous promise of 'unlimited revisions' on any project. This is is one of those absurd promises to make a customer think they are getting allot and used so often in design.

No design company can possibly let a design go on indefinitely and unfortunately, customers often find that out when after allot of changes, the designer suddenly starts to loose interest as the job becomes unprofitable. see here.


This is part of my no nonsense way of working. If i cant supply you with what you are asking for in a reasonable timescale then I'm not doing my job properly. Thankfully, that has never happened. Good communication and a good heaping of design flare and a project need not go on forever, and that is good for both customer and designer.


Drop me an email if you have any questions. Advice is always free and with no obligation.



**  In design, certain objects are used from a pre-designed source such as brushes or shapes for the shape tool in Photoshop etc or  texture panels or special fonts. Some web site elements such as certain types of gallery's can also be used. This is normal in any design and all fonts, brushes, shapes etc I use are from a fully licensed source and I purchase and have full licenses to use these elements so you will have peace of mind in every aspect of your design. Any licenses needed for things like special web gallery software will be provided to you with your site etc.


What happens when you hire me.

1) Once you have contacted me we will work together to produce a script of your requirements. This would be an understanding of your product or business, your target audience, the media in which you will be reproducing the design onto (IE web, apparel, stationary posters etc) and the image and keywords that you wish customers to associate with your design. We will also discuss the best option regarding the amount of colours needed to produce the design. This is often overlooked and unnecessary multiple colours will add cost when printing.


2) I will then spend some time bringing together ideas to work with. This will involve using years of experience in design and knowledge of current trends and may require researching even more into your product/business type.


Large and expensive design companies offer multiple designers each bringing their own perspective and experiences to the table for a more broader and critical view.


Without the huge expense of a large design studio and wages bill. I too work together with several other UK based self employed designers that I have known and worked with for many years. We sometimes work together on large projects and use each others expertise to view and critique each others work because even the best designers sometimes need a fresh artistic pair of eyes to point out an improvement or possible problem. (check out this link for an example on how others sometimes get it wrong)


No personal information from you is ever shared, just the design process to give you the best possible outcome without the huge design company cost.


3) Once different designs have been created I will then pass these to you on a 'design spec sheet' which shows each design on both white and black background plus in a monochrome format which would be used for things such as stamping or embroidery so you know it will work well on each production process. Then we start the process of taking your feedback and modifying the design till we get it just perfect.


4) Once you are happy with the result it will then be produced in a variety of image formats and sizes depending on your requirements or your printers such as JPEG, GIF, PSD, AI, PDF, PNG, TIFF. As well as the right colour format.


Then you are free to enjoy the benefits of a fresh, original design that will work wonders for your image.


If you have any questions, please email me with no obligation. I will not record your email or use it to send unsolicited e-mail to you in the future.

Dangers of Cheap Design

Cheap design is rushed design with little or no thought. what could that mean for your design? well i will let your own imagination reveal some unwanted problems with the designs below. Imagine you have just paid allot of money to have printing on letterheads and store designs and suddenly become aware that your design can be looked at in a different way, a very inappropriate way.


Designs below are done by others without proper thought. These images are NOT created by Powellstudios and are copyright the respected owners.









Without enough time spent on the design, you will only find out there is a problem when someone points it out for you.


Cheap £20 Design anyone???


So what does 'dirt cheap logo, web or any other kind of design' get you? A bargain? Honest original design? Well lets have a quick think about how much you would expect to be paid per hour.


Consider this: If I was to say to you, as a professional who has spent hundreds and thousands on expensive software (Professional software like Photoshop and Illustrator is a large expense) and training over many years, it's not unreasonable to expect to pay at the very least £20 per hour, and that is a very good rate.


Out of that, one would have to pay taxes and national insurance contributions as well as the ongoing running costs of the business (electricity, heating, software and equipment, stationeries and sundris.) After these deductions that would be allot less than £20 per hour. (remember, in the UK the MINIMUM wage allowed is just shy of £6 an hour and you would get that for the lowest paid, menial jobs in the work place.


Also, how long would you like a designer to spend on your design? By the time it takes to open up a program like Photoshop, set up a new canvas to take on board your size, colour and printing requirements and a reasonable discussion with you to understand what you need and what your business or product is about, there is not allot left of that first hour at £20. Not to mention I would expect any designer, with any professional regard for the job at hand, to spend at least the first day or best part of it thinking over designs and researching the subject.


£20 for what exactly?


So how could someone charge just £20 a design? Well they often give some fantastic stories about off-setting the cost against other parts of their business etc, but the simple fact is it still all costs money and they only way it's done that cheap is by cutting corners, allot of corners.


How can you cut corners? Here are some examples.


One trick is using a large hard drive full of pre-designed components and designs, slap them together and change a few colours, put your name in place and without so much as giving any actual thought to the job, they present what looks like a few nice looking designs and take your money.


What you actually have is something that while looking 'nice' may not actually work, could date very quickly and make your business/product look dated and quite often, infringe on someone else's design, as those components have already been sold as part of another copyrighted design.


Cheap labour abroad.


Another way 'sell them cheap and complete them fast' companies work is not to do any actual work, but use a freelancer site instead and hire your job and personal details out to the cheapest bidder.

Normally this would be someone from one of the less wealthy nations that can work for 50 pence an hour. The concern here is there are no guarantees of how the design has been created and it often will be done by someone who uses Google to plagiarise off the web. This also means any comeback is none existent and you need to understand that ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to copyright infringement.


You may use a design for several years before someone notices your logo design is actually a copy in part or whole of their own.

If successful in prosecuting you for copyright theft it's possible for the other parts to claim compensation dating back as far as you have been using it.


You can get affordable design, you're already in the right place, but you can't get something for nothing.


Like the window sales man who tells you he has a special deal, just for today, just for you if he makes a quick call to his boss. It sounds all convincing and a real bargain if you just sign up today.


But when you understand it's an old pre-planned script to make you feel you're getting something for nothing and that there are no amazing deals, just over quoted for the goods at the start, then you can also realise that you will always get what you pay for.