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What happens when you hire me.

1) Once you have contacted me we will work together to produce a script of your requirements. This would be an understanding of your product or business, your target audience, the media in which you will be reproducing the design onto (IE web, apparel, stationary posters etc) and the image and keywords that you wish customers to associate with your design. We will also discuss the best option regarding the amount of colours needed to produce the design. This is often overlooked and unnecessary multiple colours will add cost when printing.


2) I will then spend some time bringing together ideas to work with. This will involve using years of experience in design and knowledge of current trends and may require researching even more into your product/business type.


Large and expensive design companies offer multiple designers each bringing their own perspective and experiences to the table for a more broader and critical view. Logo spec sheet


Without the huge expense of a large design studio and wages bill. I too work together with several other UK based self employed designers that I have known and worked with for many years. We sometimes work together on large projects and use each others expertise to view and critique each others work because even the best designers sometimes need a fresh artistic pair of eyes to point out an improvement or possible problem. (check out this link for an example on how others sometimes get it wrong)


No personal information from you is ever shared, just the design process to give you the best possible outcome without the huge design company cost.


3) Once different designs have been created I will then pass these to you on a 'design spec sheet' which shows each design on both white and black background plus in a monochrome format which would be used for things such as stamping or embroidery so you know it will work well on each production process. Then we start the process of taking your feedback and modifying the design till we get it just perfect.



4) Once you are happy with the result it will then be produced in a variety of image formats and sizes depending on your requirements or your printers such as JPEG, GIF, PSD, AI, PDF, PNG, TIFF. As well as the right colour format.


Then you are free to enjoy the benefits of a fresh, original design that will work wonders for your image.


If you have any questions, please email me with no obligation. I will not record your email or use it to send unsolicited e-mail to you in the future.